Fracture Care

If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with a fracture, we should see you as a patient in our office. It is important not to ignore the symptoms of a fracture as this may allow the fractured bone to shift and become more unstable.

Initially, we will take a complete history and physical examination of the injured area to determine the cause of the fracture. We will take digital x-rays. Many fractures are easy to miss with an untrained eye. Our experience allows us to accurately make this diagnosis.

Depending on the severity of the fracture, we will need to immobilize the foot. If the fracture is stable, we may need to simply use an ACE wrap to control swelling and place you into a surgical shoe or walking boot to help increase stability. If the fracture is unstable, it may be necessary to place you into a walking boot or even a fiberglass cast and crutches for complete immobilization. If a fracture becomes displaced or is very unstable, surgery is sometimes necessary.

If you have symptoms consistent with a fracture in your foot or ankle, we should be the first call that you make. The doctors at Council Bluffs Foot & Ankle Care are experts in the treatment of fractures. Call or text us today to make an appointment!

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